3 Tips to Keep Water off Your Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable, and easy to update down the road. However, water can cause the varnish to bloom and deteriorate, which is why most manufacturers recommend keeping water off of your flooring as much as possible. Here are three tips to keep water off of your wood flooring. 

1. Put Down Area Rugs

Consider placing area rugs through your home in rooms that are prone to water problems, such as your entryway, kitchen, and bathroom. When placing area rugs, be mindful of the backing, as some have waterproof material backings that keep water from moving through the rug, while others may hold the moisture in place for hours, potentially causing more damage. 

Also, place rug mats underneath the floor coverings to prevent slippage that could cause trip and fall incidents. Choose area rugs that offer a contrasting color to the surrounding floor and furniture. For instance, if you opt for a dark stained hardwood floor, a cream-colored carpet may brighten up your space. 

2. Update Plumbing Fixtures

When plumbing fixtures are damaged, they may be more likely to leak, which could cause problems for your flooring. Look around at your plumbing fixtures, and consider replacing anything that isn't operating properly. Replace drippy faucets, faucets that don't turn on or off properly, or versions that are old enough that they may be prone to breaking in the future. 

3. Make Outdoor Water Less Accessible

Water from outdoors can be tracked into your home fast, so be mindful of where your outdoor water sources are, who could use them, and how to prevent that issue from occurring. For instance, if you have a hose near your entryway, consider moving the hose to a spigot further into your yard to keep kids from playing in the water close to where they would use your entryway. Likewise, move sprinklers and other water-spraying devices as far from the entrance of your home as you can. 

If kids decide to play in the water outdoors, ask them to enter through the garage and offer plenty of towels to dry off before they come into the house. As an added protection, add a temporary floor runner over the hardwood in any entrance they may access while playing in the water. 

By doing what you can to keep your hardwood flooring free of water and other debris, you can protect your worthwhile investment and keep your home beautiful for the long haul. Anytime you spot hardwood flooring damage, contact companies like New York Hardwood Floors to repair the issue and offer the solutions you need. 

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