7 Important Decisions To Make When You're Selecting A Metal Roof

Metal is a great choice as a roofing material for numerous reasons. Metal can be both durable and affordable when used to construct a roof.

However, choosing metal as a roofing material isn't the only decision you need to make for your roof installation. The following are seven other important decisions you'll need to make once you've selected metal as your roof material. 

The gauge of the metal roofing panels or shingles

Metal roofing components come in varying gauges or thicknesses. A higher number gauge indicates a thinner metal roofing panel or shingle.

Lower-gauge metal roofing materials are likely to be more durable, but they are also likely to be heavier and more costly. You need to select a gauge for your metal roof depending on factors such as the maximum weight your building structure can support and the durability needs of your climate. 

The paint color for your metal roofing

Metal roofing can be painted any color of your choosing. You want to choose a durable paint that won't be likely to chip away any time soon. If your metal roof is painted, you may find that the paint chips away long before other aspects of the roof start to deteriorate if a durable, high-quality paint isn't used. 

Consider your various color options and select an option that fits in well with the color scheme of the rest of your home's exterior. 

The underlayment that will be installed beneath your roof

An effective metal roof underlayment is essential for sealing moisture out. Choose an underlayment that offers a "weather tightness warranty" to maximize the lifespan of your roof and prevent moisture leaks down the road. 

The type of metal your roofing material is composed of

Several types of metal are used in the manufacture of metal roofing. The most common options you'll come across are aluminum, zinc, steel, and copper. Copper is generally the most durable option and aesthetically attractive, but it is also more expensive than aluminum and zinc. 

The insulation features your roof will include

It's important to put some thought into HVAC efficiency when you have a roof installed. Consider your climate and discuss insulation with your roofing contractor. Your roofing contractor may recommend added insulation features like gypsum board, synthetic sheets, or spray foam.

The budget of your roof installation project

Metal roofs can vary widely in terms of price. The typical price can range between $5.50 and $12 per square foot. Set an overall budget at the outset of your project to make sure that your expenses don't end up being excessive or more than expected. 

The configuration of your metal roofing components

Metal roofing components generally come in one of a few different configuration options. These include horizontal sheets, vertical sheets, panels, or shingles. The ideal configuration for your needs could depend on both structural demands and aesthetic considerations.

Discuss your configuration options with a resource like Pacific Sheet Metal to learn more. 

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