About New Central HVAC System Installation And Other Information

If you are thinking about having central heating and air conditioning installed, then you may want to know more about what you should expect during the installation process. Or, maybe you already decided to go through with central heating and air conditioning but you are still curious about what to expect. Either way, the information here will give you a brief guide on what will happen when the system is being installed. 

Know how long it can take to install the system

You should realize installing a central HVAC system in a place that has never had one can take an entire day or even longer in some cases. A lot of things go into determining just how long the whole process can take. A few examples of these things include whether the house already has ductwork, whether there is an old unit that needs to be removed first, the size of the home, and whether there are other issues that need to be dealt with that will take some work, such as preparing a place for the outside unit. 

Know how you can help prepare for the installation

You can make things go smoother and even faster by knowing how you can prepare for the installation before the air conditioning techs show up to put the system in. 

One of the things that you are going to want to do is to try to clear out paths to places the installers need access to. Remove any vehicles, furniture, or other items that would be in the areas they need access to, and weed the area where the outside housing unit will be placed. 

Have any pets contained so they won't pose a risk to the installers. Just because you think your dog won't bite, for example, doesn't mean the installers won't still worry about it. Also, have all animals locked up where they won't be able to escape as the door opens and closes throughout the installation. 

Know the steps involved

If you have an old central unit in the home already, they will start by removing it. Then, they will repair any damaged ducts. If there are no ducts in the house, then they will begin by installing the ductwork, the registers, and the air return. Once all the ductwork is ready to go, they will move on to the installation of the actual system. This includes installing the thermostat and the outside unit. Once the system has been installed and checked to ensure it works, the installers will talk to you about the system and run things by you. They will want to make sure you fully understand how everything works, such as knowing how to program the thermostat and what type of air filter to use. 

Watch for issues

With a brand-new central HVAC system, it is likely that there won't be any issues that come up for a while. But, if something does seem weird, then call up to have the technician come back out to check it and make any necessary adjustments.

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