Options For Installing Air Conditioning In Your Home

Installing air conditioning in your home can be challenging if your home does not already have the proper ductwork in it. While you may want to consider installing central air conditioning in the house, there are some alternatives that you may also want to consider for your home.

Central Air Conditioning

When you are ready to take that step toward AC installation in your home, you will need to determine what is best for your situation. Central air conditioning is often a good option because it will cool your entire home, but it does involve installing air ducts throughout the house unless you already have forced-air heating in your home. 

Sharing the ducts between the heating system and the air conditioning system is common, and you may even want to consider replacing the heating system and installing a full HVAC system that handles both the heating and air conditioning for your home from one unit, which can save you time and money on maintaining the system. If you switch to a combination unit, you will need to have the AC serviced in the spring and the heat in the fall, but that would be necessary with any AC installation. 

An AC installation can take a little time and may mean opening walls, cutting holes in ceilings or floors, and doing other work that can make it hard to live in the home during the installation process. Talk to the contractor you are working with to determine how long the AC installation will take and if you should stay with family or friends while the work is completed. 

Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Another option you may want to consider is having a ductless mini-split AC system installed in your home. The unit is easy to install and does not require all the ductwork that a standard air condition system requires. The control unit mounts inside the room, and the heat pump fits outside the house. 

There are a few wires and a couple of hoses that connect the units, so all you need to do is drill a couple of holes in the wall as a passthrough. Some systems will cool a single room, and others are large enough to handle several rooms, but each unit is independently controlled.

The cost of these units is reasonable, and for small homes, this could be an excellent way to get the cool air you want in a permanent installation that you can do yourself. These units also work well for guest bedrooms or additions because they are independent of each other. 

To learn more, contact an AC installation contractor.

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