AC Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

If you own a home, keeping the AC unit in great condition is paramount. Otherwise, the unit will break down on a frequent basis and that could mean a lot of repair costs. The best way to keep them to a minimum is by utilizing the following AC maintenance advice.

Change Air Filter Consistently

For your AC unit to work efficiently long-term, it needs to have a clean air filter. Take time to check this component every couple of months, seeing if the sides are covered in dirt and debris. If they are, you need to find a brand-new filter.

There are a lot of options as far as a replacement. One of the best in terms of energy-efficiency is a HEPA filter. Or if you want to use the filter multiple times before getting a new one, you can get a reusable filter. Just go with a filter that you can afford and has the right features. 

Clean Around Outside Unit

The unit on the outside of your home is referred to as the condenser unit. Since it is outside, it gets exposed to the elements. That means you'll need to clean around this unit so that your AC unit can work like it's supposed to for years and years. 

Start by removing dirt and leaves around the unit that have collected over the years. Also make sure you open the condenser up and remove things that have collected inside. Finally, clean the fins and make sure you position them back in place if they're crooked. 

Seal Up Drafts

If you have drafts in your home, then your AC unit has to work harder, and that means extra repair costs. Also, your AC unit may not last as long as it's supposed to. You can deal with this situation appropriately by going around and sealing drafts before they cost you money.

It helps to hire an HVAC technician to come out and inspect your property. Not only can they identify drafts, but they can seal them up with long-term solutions. You can then keep the temperatures as cool as you want in an effective and efficient manner. 

No matter what type of AC unit you have around your property, it's key to keep a consistent maintenance schedule going. You can then look forward to an AC unit that works great for years and doesn't cost you a fortune in terms of AC repairs. 

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