Why Seamless Gutters Are A Superior Choice

Picture rain gutters in your mind. Chances are, you are picturing a classic set of aluminum gutters with seams every few feet where the sections come together. Indeed, these are the type of gutters seen in many homes. However, there is another type of gutter worth considering: seamless gutters. Why would you want to choose seamless gutters over the more traditional option? Well, there are a few reasons, actually.

Seamless gutters are less likely to leak.

Where are gutters most likely to leak? At the seams. Gutter leaks can cause more trouble than you would think. They can cause mineral deposit streaks down your siding, and they can cause water to accumulate in any garden beds that surround your home. Seamless gutters do not have any seams, which means they are less likely to leak. Your siding and landscape are less likely to suffer damage as a result.

Seamless gutters have a nice, smooth appearance.

Modern designs are often best described as sleek and simple. Seams are the antithesis to this sleekness. So if you have a modern home, seamless gutters simply do a better job of looking the part. You can pair them with other simple elements, like metal roofing, for a really minimalist, modern look.

Seamless gutters can be installed in a day.

Seamless gutters are made on-site and installed as soon as they are made. A gutter company only needs to be on-site one day to make and install seamless gutters, which makes this service easy to schedule. Compare this to standard, seamed gutters, which require your gutter company to come out and measure, go back and make the gutters, bring the gutters to your home, piece them together, and fasten everything. 

Seamless gutters don't need to be painted.

The finish on seamless gutters is a baked-on enamel. It is added to the gutter material in the factory, long before your gutter company receives the material and starts shaping it into gutters. This enamel won't chip off, which means you won't find chips of paint in your garden beds, and you won't have to have your gutters painted as you might with standard gutters.

Seamless gutters are becoming more popular as the years go on. Don't get left behind! Strongly consider this newer and more innovative option when you have gutters put on your own home. You will enjoy the sleek, modern look and lack of required maintenance.   

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