Consider Barbed Wire Fencing If You Run One Of These Businesses

Barbed wire fencing is a type of fencing that is common in many commercial applications. Often, a barbed wire fence has one or more rows or rolls or barbed wire across the top of a chain-link fence, although it's technically possible to install barbed wire atop other fencing types. The primary purpose of erecting a barbed wire fence is to keep people from accessing your commercial property by climbing the fence. While other types of fences can be relatively easy to climb over, this is not the case with barbed wire. Here are three businesses that should use this effective type of fencing around their properties.

Salvage Yard

If you operate an automotive salvage yard, you may have experienced issues with trespassing and theft in the past. People can attempt to gain access to salvage yards because of the value of the vehicles that sit in the lot. For example, someone might be able to steal specific car parts, tires, and other things in a short amount of time, leaving you with a financial loss. This is the type of business that should use barbed wire fencing. While you might also use other security measures — a surveillance system and trained guard dogs, perhaps — the presence of the barbed wire can be a major deterrent to prevent trespassing.

Courier Service

A courier service is another business that should think about the value of barbed wire fencing. There are a lot of reasons to keep criminals off your property. Not only could they attempt to steal one of your courier vehicles, but another concern is that they could steal packages and envelopes from a truck, van, or even your building. This, of course, would be a major disruption for your customers and could harm your reputation in the community as a secure and reliable courier. A barbed wire fence can help to prevent such issues.

Private Airport

Large airports use barbed wire fencing in a number of locations, and you should take the same mindset if you operate a small, private airport. There are several reasons to employ this type of commercial fencing around your property. By keeping people from trespassing, you can prevent a wide range of issues. Vandals could damage peoples' airplanes or your airport's property, which could result in significant delays and other problems for those who use the airport. Additionally, someone who trespasses inadvertently puts himself or herself at risk. For example, someone could potentially walk into the path of an airplane or a ground support vehicle and end up injured or killed.

Speak to a commercial fencing company to learn more about barbed wire fence.

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