Your Roof And Gutters

When you own a home, you want to know about some of the common types of roofing issues that you can end up facing with your roof. When you are aware of the more common problems roofs can have, you will spot them faster, and that means you will have a roofer come out sooner. One of the things you need to be concerned about in order to prevent some types of common roofing issues is to ensure the gutters are always in good shape and that they are always cleaned out. Here are some of the ways that your gutters can lead to roofing issues. 

Eave damage

The location of the eaves makes them susceptible to a lot of damage. If you have a problem with the rain gutters, then the eaves can be the first area to show issues. They can become damaged to the point they become rotted and start to split and fall apart. Damage to the eaves can very easily cause damage to other parts of the roof. 

Also, the eaves are the part of the house most susceptible to having icicles formed on them and the icicles can become heavy, putting stress on the eaves while keeping them moist which is also not good. The edges of the gutters are also places where icicles can form and the icicles can cause damage to them, so watch for this as well. 

Shingle damage

Your shingles should also be watched for signs of damage. When the roof is old and it's time to replace it, you may start finding shingles in the yard on a regular basis. You may also see that some of them are curled when you look up at the roof. You may also start finding granules on the ground that have come off of the shingles, and when you look in the rain gutters, you'll find more granules that have collected in them.  

If you allow your gutters to become damaged or full of debris, then the constant moisture can cause the development of mold in areas around that part of the gutter and the mold can end up affecting the shingles. This is why it is so important for a gutter specialist to come out yearly to inspect the condition of your gutters and why you need to have gutter problems tended to as quickly as you possibly can.

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