Go Beyond Boring With Brick

As design trends ebb and flow, bricks have been a staple in home and yard design. They are a simple rectangular shape that gives way to earthy tones and endless design possibilities. Yet they are seen in several different styles of homes, like Industrial, Tudor, Colonial, and more. Whether inside or out, brick can add depth and design to your home. Working with an experienced masonry contractor can bring in that old school charm to a more recent build or can revamp an outdated style.

There are several new styles and designs for brick in your house that can bring that modern feel. One is a brick floor. They can be a cheaper option than marble or wood floors. They are trendy in high traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, and mudrooms and can have a big visual impact as well. Brick floors can be sealed to protect them and are easy to clean.

Bricks are also an amazing look on walls. When added as a backsplash or accent wall, masonry work can bring an attractive and unique feel to your design. Industrial design is popular with brick walls and modern lighting, but it also comes together nicely with a classic colonial design. White baseboards and wood floors are great accents to the red brick. Painting brick with a light whitewash can also add a new twist to some of the classic styles.

There are also several outdoor projects that masonry contractors can create that will take your yard to the next level. From raised gardens to a variety of fencing options, bricks are a versatile and inexpensive option. One popular project that can turn your backyard into a beautiful escape is an outdoor cooking area. Whether by a pool or just in a small nook in the yard, an outdoor grill built up with brick is an amazing asset to your yard. A competent masonry contractor can go over your options to design the best outdoor grilling and sitting area for you.

Home design with bricks now goes way beyond the common old brick fireplace.  Modernizing your home with brick brings in that modern chic flair that can increase home value. The look can be completed by tying brick into your back yard as well with a fire pit or brick path. Consider a consultation with an experienced contractor to help you create the ideal look for the home of your dreams. 

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