New Construction Homes for Sale and the Top Pre-build Questions to Ask

Are you ready to invest in new construction? Homes for sale aren't always existing structures. If you want to move into a brand-new residence, take a look at the questions to ask before you buy.

What Is the Construction Timeline?

Whether you need to sell your current home or have a lease to either extend or end, you need a timeframe to estimate when the home will be completed. This should include:

  • The expected start of construction. When does the contractor project they'll break ground? If the construction won't start for months or longer, you will want to either wait to sell your current home or sign an apartment/house lease.
  • The time it will take to get the required permits. Your new home construction project can't start until the contractor gets the necessary permits. These could include (but aren't limited to) permits for building, mechanical systems, plumbing, grading, electrical, and exterior structures.
  • The overall timeline. The overall build time depends on several factors, such as the region of the U.S. the home is located, the size of the home, and the complexity of the build.

The U.S. Census Bureau maintains a detailed database of average build times for different years and different regions of the country. These statistics can help you to better understand what to expect from a new residential construction time-frame.

What Type of Finishes and Extras Are Included?

The total price you pay for the new construction home depends on the finishes and extras, such as appliances. Before you commit to purchase your new home, ask about:

  • Standard vs. upgraded finishes and price. A lower-priced new construction may only include standard finishes. If you want a higher-grade wood for the kitchen cabinetry, a top-notch countertop, and quality carpeting, you may need to pay more for the upgrades.
  • Your choices. Are you able to choose the finishes? Some builders may not allow home buyers to select their own options.
  • Your own purchases. Will the builder supply all the finishes and appliances? If not, you may have the freedom to choose and buy your own. Some (but not all) builders may offer a credit or reduced price to buyers who supply their own extras and appliances.

Along with the types of finishes, appliances, and other extras, discuss the availability of options and the complexity of installation. Some types of upgraded materials, systems, or appliances may add to the overall build time and change the price.

Contact companies that provide or build homes for sale to learn more. 

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