2 Signs That Tell You Need To Invest In Professional Chimney Repair Services

A chimney is a critical part of your home, and it plays a significant role. It directs particulates, combustion byproducts, and even noxious gases out of your home. However, the chimney will suffer natural wear and tear with time. When this happens, the chimney won't be able to work properly. So you have to inspect the chimney regularly to determine whether it has developed problems that need urgent attention. 

A neglected or damaged chimney can be very dangerous. For instance, it can allow hazardous fumes to leak in your house, particularly in the living space. Moreover, it can also cause other fire hazards. For this reason, it's vital to inspect the chimney regularly to know when it needs repairs. Here are two signs that show you need to invest in professional chimney repair services.

The Firebox or Damper Has Rusted

Moisture is usually detrimental to your chimney or even fireplace. Its presence shows that the chimney isn't in good working order. So if you have a chimney in your home, it's good to inspect it for moisture regularly. When the damper and firebox are exposed to excessive moisture, they will rust. Also, if there's a moisture problem in your chimney, the damper will not seal correctly, and it will not work properly. 

A rusted firebox or damper is a serious problem because it indicates that a lot of moisture has found its way into the chimney. Rust can cause serious damage to the chimney liner and even deteriorate the condition of the flue tiles. So it's advisable to look for a contractor to repair the chimney once you notice that these two components have rusted.

The Chimney Crown Is Cracked

The chimney crown is the top part of a chimney, including the one in your home. The crown protects the chimney structure from the elements that might cause damage to it. For this reason, you should ensure the chimney crown is always in perfect condition. 

Unfortunately, the crown might get cracked over time, and water will find its way inside the cracks. And if the water happens to freeze and thaw, the small cracks will get bigger. When the crown is damaged, the moisture will also access the space between the liner and chimney, causing the masonry to deteriorate. However, repairing the cracked crown in good time will help avoid these problems.

So as a responsible homeowner, you need to pay close attention to the condition of your chimney. By so doing, you will know when it's time for chimney repair services to extend the life and service of your chimney.  

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