Installing A New Garage Door? Consider These 4 Things

Has the time come to replace your garage door? Maybe it is in disrepair and needs to be replaced, or you're simply trying to improve your home's curb appeal. Either way, you should consider the following things when selecting a garage door for your home. 


A wood or wood composite door is a great option if you want your garage door to look elegant. Wood garage doors are typically made out of treated cedar or redwood and can be customized in ways that other garage doors cannot. Aluminum is a commonly used base material for a garage door and is a practical choice for any home. Steel is for anyone that wants a rugged garage door and is going to be much more durable than other materials with less maintenance over time. 


A common style of garage door that you'll see used is raised panels across each section for the garage door and will look great with any type of home. A more contemporary style will include a row of tempered glass panels along the top of the door to allow in natural light while preventing others from easily seeing inside. You may also prefer a flat panel garage door if you are using solid wood, which simply shows off the natural grains of the wood and makes it the focal point of the door.


You need to decide the motion of your garage door and how it opens up. Sectional garage doors are most common and have several moving sections that will bend as the door moves up and over the top of the garage door. A tilt-up garage door uses a solid panel design and simply tilts until it is up and out of the way. What you pick is a personal preference, but be aware that a tilt-up garage door will extend outward past the front of the garage when the door is open.


Want to keep your garage warm during the winter? You may need to get a garage door that is insulated. This is often done with metal doors that have foam placed between the front and rear pieces of metal, which help prevent heat from transferring through the material. You can also add insulation after the installation by installing foam panels on the rear side of the garage door. Many solid wood panels naturally provide insulation due to the thickness of the material, but foam panels can be added to the back as well if necessary. 

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