Why 3D Land Scanning Is Superior To Traditional Land Surveying Techniques

Residential construction involves multiple steps. But while you may be tempted to skip some in the hopes of saving time and money, land surveying is not only invaluable but unavoidable too. Not only is land surveying critical for accurately mapping out where the new residential property is going to be positioned, but it is also vital for ensuring the topography of the lot is conducive for construction, ensuring the blueprints are precisely translated, identifying locations for secondary structures, and so on. But if you think that land surveying is still the arduous process that employs measuring tapes, marking machines, and tripods, you would be mistaken. As technology has revolutionized this industry, it has brought about the use of 3D land scanning, which is proving to be a top solution for both commercial and residential applications. If you are doubtful about paying extra for your residential project, consider the following reasons why 3D land scanning is superior to traditional land surveying techniques.

3D land scanning offers better flexibility than traditional land surveying

A leading quality of 3D land scanning that is steadily contributing to its increasing popularity over conventional land surveying techniques is the enhanced versatility that it offers. For starters, 3D land scanning employs a range of different scanners, and this allows the land surveyor to acquire a vast range of data in one go. Airborne scanners, for example, will be employed for aerial mapping and retrieving information regarding the topography of the construction site, whereas mobile scanners can be utilized to identify the best placement for utilities. The flexibility that 3D land scanning provides over traditional land surveying not only means that more information can be collected about your residential site but this data gives you and the land surveyors incredibly clarity on what you are working with, as it limits any unwanted surprises down the road.

3D land scanning is more time-efficient than traditional land surveying

If your land surveyors will be charging you for their services by the hour, it is in your best interests to choose a surveying technique that will save time without compromising on quality. 3D land scanning services may seem costly upfront, but when compared to conventional land surveying techniques, you will quickly find that the land surveyors will spend less field time when utilizing this technology. There are a couple of advantages that come with this time efficiency. First, the faster the land surveyors are done with collecting data on the residential construction site, the sooner they can analyze these data points and the faster you can embark on the construction project. Second, the more time-efficient the land survey is, the more cost-efficient it will be for your pocket.  

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