Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Future Parents

Having a baby changes everything, but there are often also some things you need to change in preparation for having a baby. One of those things might be your bathroom. A bathroom remodel can ensure your house is properly set up for the arrival of your future little one. Here are some changes you should consider making during the remodel.

Leave more space around the toilet.

When your little one reaches the potty training age, you will spend a lot of time sitting and kneeling by the toilet with them. This will be easier — and more comfortable — if there's more space around your toilet. So, as you are remodeling your bathroom, ask your designer to make sure the toilet is really open and accessible. This may mean you have to make your vanity or other elements next to the toilet smaller or that you need to shift them over a bit.

Include a tub.

It's been trendy, as of late, to design bathrooms with standing showers rather than bathtubs. This works for some people, but it's not very functional when you have a child. It's so much easier to bathe a squirmy toddler in a tub than in a shower, and it makes for better playtime, too. If you have a small bathroom, ask your remodeler about compact tub options. A tub that's too small for you could still be perfect for bathing a kid; you can just shower.

Choose scald-prevention fixtures.

When your child starts washing their own hands and becomes capable of turning the water on, you don't want to have to worry about them burning or scalding their hands. There are scald-prevention faucets made specifically for this purpose. They measure the temperature and add more cold water, if needed, to ensure the water that comes out is never hot enough to burn. Make sure your remodeling team uses these on your bathroom sink and on the tub.

Install towel hooks.

Instead of having a towel bar installed in the bathroom, have your remodeler install a couple of hooks. This applies for hand towels, too. It's easier for kids to learn how to hang a towel on a hook than how to loop it behind a towel bar. Have at least one hook mounted low enough that a child can reach it.

With the tips above, you can remodel your bathroom with your future needs as parents in the forefront. Good luck!

Contact a contractor for more home remodeling tips. 

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