Why You Need To Get Septic Tank Drainfields Professionally Fixed When They Start Malfunctioning

Septic tank drainfield systems work very well most of the time and are an invaluable resource for many Americans all across the country who don't have access to a city sewage system, or simply do not want to connect to one. However, when issues do arise, many people who like to think of themselves as self-sufficient try to fix them on their own, which only leads to worse issues and mounting costs. This is an easy mistake to make and one that you should try and avoid at all costs. Here are a few reasons why to contact a professional septic tank drainfield repair service.

Symptom Of A Broken Drainfield

First of all, it is important that you know exactly what the main symptom of a broken or problematic drainfield is because many people misdiagnose it. If you notice plumbing taking a lot longer to work when it comes to draining away, and you have checked your internal pipes and found no blockages, then it is going to be related to your drainfield, and you need professional help. Do not let this get worse without taking action, or you risk a backup of wastewater that could wreak havoc on your home and make the whole place stink of sewerage for weeks to come.  

Do Not Attempt To Repair It On Your Own

If you pump out your septic tank on your own from time to time, you might think that this alone will do the trick, but you are mistaken. By now, the compacted slime, scum, and grease have made their way into the actual drainfield, and just pumping away that material from the septic tank does not fix anything. Trying to remove it from the drainfield yourself can crack the drains and more than likely just make the issue worse. You can also get seriously ill working in such confined spaces and with such toxic material. 

Professional Fix Does The Trick

There are two things professionals have on their side that you do not: experience and equipment. They have special tools that help them remove the sludge from your drainfield, shore up any broken areas with strong replacements, and can do it all without injuring themselves, your home's plumbing, or the drainfield. If you want to eliminate this problem for good, and not just kick the can down the road a little bit, you need to use a professional septic drainfield repair contractor. 

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