Replacing Your Gutters With Seamless Options

Installing new gutters on your home can improve the appearance of the exterior while also managing runoff. While the gutters seem like a simple part of the house, a successful gutter installation project requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Care Is Required When Removing The Previous Gutters

The removal of the previous gutters is the first step. Often, homeowners can underestimate the difficulties of removing gutters from their houses. For example, these individuals might fail to appreciate the difficulties of reaching the gutters, removing the anchors, and safely lowering the gutters to the ground. Mistakes with these steps can increase the chances of the home suffering exterior damage during this step in the project.

The Home's Fascia Be Evaluated For Damage

The gutters will usually connect to the fascia of the home. This component has to be in good condition to support the gutters. While seamless gutters are light, they can hold large amounts of water. The combined weight of the gutters and the water can put a strain on the fascia. For this reason, your home needs an inspection before the contractor installs the new gutters. If sections of the fascia have cracked or rotted, they may not be capable of supporting the weight of the gutter system. For this reason, replacing damaged fascia boards can be necessary for preparing the house for a seamless gutter installation project.

Accurate Measurements Of The Perimeter Of The Roof Are Needed

An important benefit of seamless gutters is that they are custom-made to the shape and size of a home. This benefit allows for better performance and a more attractive look. Accurately measuring the exterior perimeter of the roof is critical for allowing the seamless gutters to fit the house. Unfortunately, some areas can be far more challenging to measure than others. An example could be a portion of the fascia at an unusual angle. Professional gutter installation contractors can use laser measuring tools to ensure they are accurate results.

Clean The Home's Exterior After The Gutter Installation

When removing the previous gutters, any leaves and dirt in them may spill out. This may cause the house's exterior to get some dirt on it. For this reason, a homeowner should generally plan to have the exterior of their home cleaned following a gutter replacement project. Fortunately, using pressure washing systems can make cleaning the house's exterior a short process. Some gutter installation services may even provide this type of cleanup for their clients. 

For more information about seamless gutter installation, contact a local company. 

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