Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Home's Roof

The outside of your home and its condition is a big key to protecting your home from storm and wind damage. And because your home is your fortress and protection from the world, it is essential that you do all you can to keep it a strong barrier for you and your family. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your roof and exterior home protection.

Look After Roof Drainage

One of the first parts and often overlooked parts of your roof that needs to be maintained is its drainage system. The rain gutters around the edges of your roof need to be able to collect and deliver water off of and away from your home. If they are sagging, leaking, cracking, and clogged full of dust and leaves, they won't be able to do their only function.

Talk to a roofer about cleaning your gutters and having them inspect them for proper function. You may find that your gutters are completely inefficient in most sections, and you will greatly benefit from a new set. New, fully functioning gutters will keep your home's interior dry and your landscaping free from erosion.

Keep Up Your Roof's Quality

As your roof ages, it will begin to show signs of its aging in the shingles curling up, coming loose, and cracking. This exposes the roofing deck and the roof's waterproof layer, making it all susceptible to moisture damage from rainstorms and snowmelt. Aging shingles can also put your roof in danger of exposure to ice dams and pest damage.

However, as you keep an eye on your roof's condition, you will know when it is in need of replacement and even simple repairs. For example, if you notice that a few of your roof's shingles are missing and the roofing layers are exposed, you can get up on your roof to reattach the shingles or place new ones in their place with a few roofing nails. If you are not able to get safely on your roof, you can contact a handyman or a roofer to replace the damaged area of your roof. Doing this is a simple fix that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by keeping your home's interior from becoming water-damaged.

When your roofing professional or handyman comes to your home to repair the roof's issues, they can take a look at your roof to determine if it needs more extensive work, such as a full replacement. Often, once you get up on your roof, it will be evident that your entire roof needs to be replaced with new shingles. And you should follow the recommendation to replace the shingles, which you can with more energy-efficient shingles or ones that will protect your home against high winds, as examples.

To learn more, contact a roofer.

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