Want A Pool House Or Outdoor Building? Find A Custom Design Builder To Get Exactly What You Want

If you are looking to put a second small housing structure on your property out by your pool, but there are some specific things that you want, you will want to find a custom design building professional to help you with the project. This can be a much better option in comparison to purchasing a prefabricated building to put on your property.

Check with Your Local Zoning Authorities

You want to have the list of requirements before you start getting quotes and custom layout options, so the design professionals know what guidelines they must follow. This could be things like:

  • Square footage limitations
  • Location on the property from the property line, water, or fences
  • Height or size restrictions
  • Foundation requirements

Once you get this information from your city and county departments, give it to the designer. After you choose a design for the outdoor building you will have to get it approved through the city and county to pull the permits.

Customize Your Design

Customizing your design with a builder allows you to get exactly what you want. If you are looking for an indoor and outdoor entertaining area, if you need the house to match the house that you have on the property, or if you want a bathroom and other custom features, this can easily be designed. You won't have to worry about trying to modify a current blueprint you found online or changing a prefabricated housing model.

Get Material Quotes

Have any custom designer builder you get also include the cost for materials. Although this can change over time and when it comes time for the build, you want to know an estimate of what the final cost for the construction project will be. Ask the building professionals if they will put a guarantee on the contracting fee they charge you to do the project, even though the cost of the materials may change.

A pool house is going to provide additional usable living space on your property, and this will increase the property value. The structure can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and will be an investment that you should see some type of return on if you choose to sell the property down the road.

If you are looking to get an outdoor living structure or a pool house but can't find anything you love online or pre-made, find a custom-design-build company. This way you get what you want and you choose how you want it to be.

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