Rusty Garage Door Springs? Here's Why They're Not Just An Aesthetic Issue

Rusty garage door springs can be unsightly and noisy. These issues are minor, but it's important to remember that rusty springs can also be dangerous. If the garage door spring is weakened and rusting, it may not provide enough tension to safely counterbalance the heavy weight of the garage door when opening or closing. Without sufficient tension in the springs, your garage door could come crashing down unexpectedly and cause serious injury. Keep scrolling down to learn more about how garage door spring replacement should be a priority if you notice rusted springs.

What do garage door springs do?

Garage door springs have an important role. They help evenly distribute the heavy weight of the garage door when you open and close it. These springs are usually located above the top of the garage door near the ceiling or on each side attached to a center bracket. When your garage door is closed, the tension in the springs helps keep it securely shut.

How do you know if your springs need to be replaced?

If you notice that your garage door is no longer working properly, it's likely time to consider garage door spring repair or replacement. In addition to the weight of the door not being evenly distributed, there are a few other signs you may notice. If you see rusty springs, it's definitely time to replace them. Other signs of garage door spring fatigue include squeaking and popping noises when opening the garage door as well as visible sagging or an inability to open the door at all.

How do garage door springs become rusty?

Rusty garage door springs are usually caused by water and humidity. Over time, the metal of the springs can corrode in wet or muggy climates, leading to rust spots that weaken them. You can help prevent this issue by regularly lubricating your garage door and using a dehumidifier in the space.

How do you replace rusty springs?

Garage door spring replacement is a job best left to professionals as it requires specialized equipment and knowledge. The process involves removing the worn-out or broken springs and replacing them with new, tensioned springs that provide enough support for the garage door.

Garage door springs help ensure that your garage door operates safely and smoothly. If you spot rusty springs on yours, it's best to act quickly by seeking garage door spring replacement services from a professional.

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