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How To – Mini Domestic Widget

Are you in possession of a cardboard Mini Domestic Widget? Here are 6 easy steps to assemble it!

What is this? Part of this project is talking and discussing with people to find out what kind of data would be useful to represent in a – for example – Domestic Widget. Next to Domestic Widgets that are powered by electronics (as displayed on the home-page), we created mini Domestic Widgets, that can quickly be assembled – though have no electronics. We hope it helps in thinking about what data you would like to see on your widget. What data are you interested in? What would it mean if it points to the right, or the left? Would you like to have something else than an arrow? On the UK Maker Faire 2018 visitors could build (and keep!) these mini Widgets. Would you be interested in receiving one, or perhaps one that has electronics inside? Subscribe to our newsletter here, where we will communicate once we have more available, or when we will be sending out electronic Widgets!


1: Remove the rubber band(s) and split pin, and set them aside for now

2: Punch out the two cardboard shapes

3: Fold the middle two lines one way, the outer two the other way

4: You should get something like this. Use the rubber band(s) to secure it.

5: Close, and push the split pin through the arrow, and into your widget. Reopen the split pin from inside so it remains secured.

6: Optional: decorate! Enjoy!