A project by Northumbria University Newcastle


Do you enjoy family crafting activities at home?

Or are you interested in doing that a bit more?

We are looking for families who would like to explore crafting with internet-connected materials. Our research explores whether crafting with these materials is a good way to experiment with smart technologies for at home, and whether all family members are involved in this practise. If you are interested, here is a rough setup of what the research study would look like:

  • One of our researchers (David Verweij) will visit you to bring a crafting kit and one Google Home Mini. During this visit, we will:
    • go through some formalities, such as the information sheet (adult), information sheet (children) and consent form,
    • have a short interview with you and your family  about your current crafting practises,
    • connect the Google Home and the crafting kit to your home Wi-Fi, and
    • show and explore the crafting kit and its functionalities.
  • After the first visit, we leave you with the crafting kit for 8 weeks.
  • During these 8 weeks, we will ask you to send diary entries whenever you use the crafting kit. This will be something towards a photo and/or text via WhatsApp, E-mail or something similar. We ask you to keep the Widget plugged in to the power at all times.
  • During the 9th week, the researcher will visit again, to pick up the crafting kits, and to have another short interview to hear about your experiences. Here we will give you one £25,- Amazon voucher.

Here is a rough overview of the weeks, assuming we start in the week of the 11th of March (which is in consultation with you). If it happens that you are on holiday (away from home, a holiday perhaps) for the duration of 1 or 2 weeks, we would like to extend the research into week 10 and 11. This ensures we have a 9-week study for all families who participate.

Here is a picture of the contents of one the crafting kit. This research will provide you with one Google Home (on the far right), and two sets for Domestic Widgets (everything else on the picture).

Because we will bring the craft kits personally, we are looking for families living in Tyne and Wear area. There is no requirement for family composition, other than at least one child aged between 8 – 18. If you might be interested, please drop me a line – without obligations – at david.verweij@northumbria.ac.uk. You can also contact me if you have any other questions or suggestions!